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Welcome to Kibble & Dribble! We are so glad you found us. 

We're an online destination for people whose pets are living their best lives. We are a discerning group of owners who advocate for the humane and respectful treatment of all animals, and have an appreciation for how our culture and society at large impact that progress. We are dedicated to bringing you the best of the pet-friendly world and related news that mainstream sources don't cover. 

Kibble & Dribble is named after our own two German Shepherd family members, Lobo and Tyler. We gave them these nicknames in recognition of their two most impressive talents - eating and drooling.

As the founder and Editor-at-Large, Vanessa Torres is a professional writer and editor with experience writing for print and online outlets, and as a contributing author on many book projects. She rescued her first German Shepherd more than ten years ago, and has had an obsession ever since. 

Lobo and Tyler, aka "Kibble and Dribble."

Lobo and Tyler, aka "Kibble and Dribble."