For the discerning dog owner

The Pawfect Match

We manage the details so that you can just focus on the fuzzy.

The Pawfect Match offers comprehensive consultation services to help people figure out how and where to find their perfect pet. Our desire to help people and families through this process comes from a decade of seeing them struggle with analysis paralysis, frustrating wait times, unfamiliar costs, training issues, family dynamics and lifestyle changes. We can handle ALL of the following:

I completely trust Vanessa’s years of experience in the field and unending compassion for dogs to advise on any pet-related matter
  • Determining which breed is right for your family and lifestyle

  • Breaking down the difference between adopting and buying - and the benefits and potential drawbacks of both

  • Finding available dogs for you to meet

  • Ensuring you bring home your new pet with the right paperwork, medical records and supplies

  • Giving you the personal toolkit you need to establish a healthy and loving relationship with your new family member

Our goal is for you to find your forever pet. By working with us, you AVOID:

  • Expensive mistakes. You spent too much on a dog who is not fitting in with your family or has unexpected health issues.

  • Uncertainty and lack of confidence. What am I doing? Am I ready for this? Am I supposed to get up at 6am and walk this thing?

  • Uneducated guesswork. You think you want a Golden Retriever, but Yorkies are cute, too.

  • Re-homing a pet. You’re ugly crying, the kids don’t understand, it’s a big mess.

We can also assist with finding the right insurance plans, choosing doggie day care options, dog walkers, pet sitters and trainers.

TPM has a national network of resources that allows us to match people with pets anywhere in the country. If you’re ready to find your pawfect match, reach out to us via the Contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Still uncertain? Check out some of our testimonials.

I can honestly say that Vanessa is about as authentic, honest, and well informed as they come. Her life long passion for the well being of animals, coupled with her sincere desire to make a difference in their lives, has resulted in an all encompassing journey to share her gift to help as many animals as humanly possible. Her kindness and compassion are evident when you interact with her, but you can be certain, her mission to serve is founded on years of research, education as well as personal experience. Vanessa is savvy and insightful, her advice and guidance are delivered with careful consideration for what is best for the animal. You are in very capable and loving hands.