PetCon 2018

We had the pleasure of attending the second annual PetCon in NYC on Nov. 17-18, held at the Jacob Javitz Center. The conference was created by Loni Edwards who runs The Dog Agency, the first management company dedicated solely to animal clients.

“The World’s Most Influential and Social Savvy Pets”

Instagram stars filled a section of the monstrous Javitz Center, along with corporate sponsors such as Dyson and Facebook, rescue celebrities such as Amanda Giese of Animal Planet’s Amanda to the Rescue, and dogs available for adoption through the Foster Dogs organization. Needless to say, we had more than enough to occupy, entertain and educate us about the future of pet ownership and influence.

Even though the sheer joy of spending two days at a conference where animals were as welcomed as the human guests, would have been enough, we did have a few favorite experiences that we wanted to share with you.

  • Dyson caught our attention because, let’s be real, dog hair is an issue. They were promoting their latest and greatest designs, created especially for picking up pet hair and dander.

This machine not only sucks up dog hair in a snap, but tackles environmental pollutants as well. Go to and you’ll get discounts on some of their most pet-friendly options. Use code PETCON18, but hurry, the offer ends 12/1/18!

Humans and dogs share 84% of their DNA
Custom meds, mixed by experts
  • Wisdom Panel, Canine DNA Test, identifies more than 350 breeds and screens for up to 150 genetic conditions. Most dog DNA tests are notoriously inaccurate, so we were excited to hear about how thorough this one sounds. Go to to learn more and get $15 off with code PETCON15.

  • Mixlab is a new pharmaceutical company that will custom blend your pet’s medications. WHAT? Pretty impressive, right? Similar to a compound pharmacy, they can either flavor the prescription, turn pills into treats, and/or provide liquid or gummy formulas. They even provide same day delivery to your door. A real game changer.

    Get 10% off a custom order using code: MIXLAB10.

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Facebook Watch’s booth gave pups their chance to shine

Did you know? The World’s Most Amazing Dog is an interactive, competition show that allows users to vote for the winner!

And, Finally - The Stars of Instagram!

There is no doubt that these canine superstars are the big draw here. Two days of meet- and-greets with some of social media’s most popular pets just proves that animals have the ability to capture the hearts and attention of a very dedicated audience. So, as we made our way around the floor, we couldn’t help but snap some pics of these adorable - and influential -fuzzy faces.


aka Walter Cronkite

Brooklyn-based dog-at-large


Newfies! Ralphie & Boss’ parents quit their jobs and sold their house and are driving through all 50 states. Join them on their journey!


Theo Hugo Koz, German Shepherd

We felt a little guilty cheating on our own Kibble and Dribble with this guy, but he was just so charming, we couldn’t resist!


Jax Teller Morrow. Golden Retriever. Loves balls.

As you can see here, his smile is infectious.


A doodle with a heart for foster care and adoption (of humans)! His new book and calendar are now available!


These two famous huskies are taking a look at the line of adoring fans waiting to meet them. Smile for the camera!

All dogs should be happy dogs