The Dogs of Chile: A Photo Series

When Glenda Suarez, a marketing exec and photographer went on a trip to Chile last year, the last thing she expected was to come back with a camera full of dog pictures.  But, almost immediately after arriving, she couldn’t help but notice that there were literally dogs everywhere. As mom to Stewie, Glenda couldn’t help but document the very different “dog’s life” she was witnessing.

“I traveled with my husband to Santiago, Chile for the Thanksgiving holiday last year to visit his best friends, the majority of whom have migrated from Venezuela to Chile due to the current political situation in Venezuela. My husband had not seen his friends since he left Venezuela for the US in September 2014. I must say that traveling all of these miles to see friends is a true act of friendship - most friends in Miami won’t travel 10 minutes to see you! 

Prior to arriving I had not planned on shooting dogs per se - I honestly didn’t know what to expect, this was my first trip to South America. Once we arrived, however, and were en route to our AirBnB, I noticed a beautiful dog running across the street, not minding the cars one bit. I couldn’t believe such an adorable dog was roaming the streets alone! When we finally went out to tour the city, I started noticing all these big, fat, hairy dogs - they were strays, but seemed like they came from someone’s house because they were not malnourished in the slightest. I started taking photos, both with my iPhone and my DSLR, and at some point it came to me that this should be a series. I didn’t even take as many photos as I would have wanted - dogs don’t pose and they just run away."




More about Glenda:

I have been interested in photography since I was little; my father was the photographer for the family’s newspaper business in Nicaragua. When my little sister was a toddler I started taking photos of her, dressing her up and making her pose - maybe that’s when I actually started putting more effort into it. I’ve since had the opportunity to photograph weddings, baby showers, engagement and baby bump sessions, as well as editorial shoots. Even though I like photographing people, especially when they’re laughing genuinely, I LOVE photographing food and dogs (I guess those must be my two other passions in life 😀).

Where can people find you?

I’m all over social media - you can go to my website or check out my Instagram @glendasuarezphotography. You can also find me on Facebook at Glenda Suarez Photography.

All dogs should be happy dogs